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"Let me introduce you to my little friend."
- Alf the Steward, Episode 1: The Pie Mine Mystery Part 1!

Little Beefy is the pet piebug and good luck charm of Chunky Bloke Pie Mine pit boss Alf the Steward. He has beast-level intelligence and is quite tame, being easy to handle by anyone with the appropriate animal handling skill. 

When first met, he is approximately two feet (sixty centimetres) long by one foot (thirty centimetres) wide and lives in a custom-made animal carrier. 

In the first adventure, he is taken into the care of Gadai, helps to lead the group through the mines, and is eventually taken with them as they begin their travels as adventuring mystery solvers.


Episode 1: The Pie Mine Mystery Part 1![]

The player characters are introduced to Little Beefy as the pet and good luck charm of Alf the Steward as part of the explanation of piebugs and the mining of them.

Episode 2: The Pie Mine Mystery Part 2![]

As the stagecoach is pushed over a cliff by a Giant Huntsman Spider, Alf throws Little Beefy's carrier clear. He is retrieved by Gadai and almost immediately bonds with her. 

Episode 3: The Pie Mine Mystery Part 3![]

As Gadai, McKenzie and Plank are attacked by another piebug, Little Beefy becomes agitated. When released from his carrier, he attempts to attack Gadai and misses wildly, and Plank scoops him back into the carrier once again. Little Beefy remains aggressive and active, pulling and banging in the carrier, and the group follow the direction of his interest until they find the opened-up area of the mine.

After Mrs Mac and the Meat Golem have been defeated, it is confirmed that Little Beefy's behaviour has returned to normal along with that of the other piebugs, and he is desperately happy to see Gadai again.